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Our support services at Axiom provides you and your business with dedicated personnel who can multitask, process information appropriately, and organize schedules. When you partner with Axiom, the personnel you get will be committed to providing support in any professional capacity. Our support personnel is also skilled enough to handle inconveniences so you can focus on what matters.

The outstaffing approach helps achieve outstanding price cuts and more than optimal labor rates through a multitude of budget-saving opportunities. You don’t need to invest in recruitment and employment processes with all the related bureaucracy, taxes, organization, workspace, hardware and software preparation, licenses, etc. With IT outstaffing, you get access to tools and tech stack that your team must use in terms of your project. All you need to cover are the affordable rates of the dedicated team. Outstaffing, on the other hand, may be the ideal option for businesses that desire complete control over the development process or want a long-term development partner.

What is an IT Outsourcing Model?

Companies may opt to outsource or staff their web development requirements to complete this objective. In this post, we’ll look at the distinctions between outsourcing and outstaffing to see which is best for web development. Outstaffing model becomes even more popular than the standard outsourcing.

While you may know what you want to accomplish, deciding how to get it done is difficult.

Hire top talents

If you are looking for developers with experience to turn your idea into software, you are in the right place. With our IT outstaffing company, you can get really experienced and skilful staff for your IT project with the help of IT outsourcing services at RexSoft. Over the last 10 years, ProCoders has been a staff augmentation supplier for more than 20 Software as a Service businesses and tech startups.

My main goal is to keep developing myself, learning new technologies and best practices and use them. 7 years of experience and a wide range of professional knowledge Here’s what I have to complete your Unity project. My main advantages are time-management, clear documentation, collaborative team-player, high-quality code, open-minded and creative.


In a “cost” outstaffing model, the client pays one flat fee to an IT services company to get a part- or full-time member for their company’s outstaff team. With that fee, the informational technology services company pays the team member’s salary, benefits, bonuses, equipment expenses, etc. The length of the relationship is another variation between an outstaffing and outsourcing company. While outstaffing is better suited to cover long-term employment needs, outsourcing is often employed to complete short-term projects or activities. When outstaffing, you completely control their work; they do not receive assignments from the but from your company’s manager. Therefore, you know for sure that your project is given their full attention.

The only difference is that the bookkeeper is virtual and working from a remote location. After the books are reconciled, it is reviewed and questions are addressed by a certified accountants. Motivated to meet it outstaffing services customer and user expectations with high-quality and effective
website layouts. Communication with clients, consulting, mentoring, organizational skills, sense of humor there are words that describe me.

Our staffing process

Do you already imagine how hassle-filled recruitment and total employment of specific specialists are with your own corporate powers? Our recruitment pipeline has around 80,000 to make your life ultimately easier. DICEUS will be happy to help scale up your team or develop your project through specialized outstaffing services.

  • Fortunately, in recent years, the business world has come up with a more efficient and cost-effective way of finding top talent.
  • You can depict to us whom you want to hire to develop your project.
  • From the moment you contact RexSoft to the launch of your project, not a single minute will pass.
  • I am driven by passion for developing innovative software’s that accelerates the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation.
  • It will then expand this model and platform to other care segments such as adults and children with special needs.
  • DICEUS is a provider of dedicated outstaff teams and specialists for hire.

Outstaffing is a remote employment agreement in which a third-party business provides qualified professionals to another business. Unlike outsourced specialists who work on a project basis, outstaffed professionals can, for example, work as part of the hiring company’s software development team. However, their employment and administrative responsibilities are handled by the third-party recruitment agency that pays their salary and bonuses. These professionals typically perform various tasks, including software development, graphic design, accounting, and customer service.

Benefits You Get with our IT Outstaffing Company

If you’re on the fence about your ability to outsource vs outstaff, ProCoders can help you choose the information technology outsourcing services. We can work with your team as an outsourced or outstaffed resource. We’d love to talk to you about your needs today and create a proposal specifically for your business needs. There are many options to consider in the outsourcing vs outstaffing debate.

Our highly qualified seasoned developers have already helped a large number of retail companies, and will take care of you. Sensors, Data, Cloud infrastructure, Visualization – ProCoders’ engineering teams have gained solid expertise in data orchestration, processing and transferring to the UI. Our developers have worked on different IoT projects, from small mobile apps for growing plants to robust warehouse systems for barrel management. You may need the assistance of an outstaffed team in many different situations and circumstances. As an experienced vendor of IT outstaffing services and various digital solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch execution for every project we undertake.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

There are two outstaffing models for paying for and managing your outstaff team. First is the “cost model” and then the “cost plus” model. Increasingly, companies are turning to outside vendors both at home and abroad. Outstaffing is different from outsourcing because it allows you to have access to the development team itself.