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If symptoms such as these persist with constant Adderall abuse, a professional treatment provider might advise joining an individualized intensive program (IIP) to help the person get better. I’ve really learned a lot here and made some awesome friends that are working towards the same goal. I love living here and there is so much support from the house manager and the owners. Utah has some of the strictest sober living home regulations in the United States. Opening a sober living home in Kentucky is much easier than it is in most states in the country. The overall lack of regulation, coupled with some very pro-sober living home laws, make it an ideal location for operators who don’t enjoy working with a lot of red tape.

These blogs are just a few examples of the many voices that are out there sharing their stories and providing support for those in recovery. There are many more bloggers out there who are just as inspiring and who also offer resources and guidance for those in need. There are a variety of different creative and educational resources, including perspectives, insights, reflections, artwork, comical relief, and recovery revelations. The site features some of the best names, voices, artists, and writers in the recovery world and it’s constantly evolving. And while this isn’t a list of top podcasts, you can’t mention Since Right Now without mentioning the highly acclaimed podcast that runs every Wednesday night. Olivia Pennelle is the writer behind the incredible blog, Liv’s Recovery Kitchen.

Fcking Sober the First 90 Days S2 E6: Day 60 – My Perfect Beautiful Gremlins

Living in sober living homes, whether it be for the short-term or long-term, provides an opportunity for individuals to navigate these triggers in daily life with ease. The separation provided by sober living homes helps individuals focus on themselves and their recovery without temptations or environmental stimuli. Sober living homes offer a safe living environment for individuals working on abstaining from alcohol and other drugs.

Many individuals who experience stressful circumstances drink alcohol to help them cope with the stress. But, the issue with this is that alcohol can cause stress on the physiological balance of… A famous saying heard in the rooms of recovery is that we are either moving away from a drink/drug, or we are moving towards Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Sober House one. In other words, getting complacent in early sobriety can be a dangerous thing. In addition to annual compliance inspections, ADHS also completes complaint investigations. ADHS has an Online Complaint Form where anyone can share concerns about licensed facilities, or facilities they believe should be licensed.

Ethos Recovery

The Unruffled is probably one of the most unique recovery blogs I have ever come across. Sasha describes herself as a quote junkie, a lover of the Oxford comma, a whole-hearted INFP, and a believer in miracles that are beyond reasonable to most. Her goal in creating her blog was to help people recover themselves.

What does 1 year sober feel like?

After a year of sobriety, you'll find you're thinking more clearly, you can remember things better, and you can focus and make decisions better. Those feelings of anxiety and depression that were likely a part of your life after the first few months of sobriety are now gone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one in five Americans experiences a mental disorder or illness at one point. Moreover, one in 25 Americans has a severe mental illness, like major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Xanax is a prescription medication that is primarily used to treat anxiety and panic disorders because it is a depressant and promotes relaxation.

What Rules Do I Have to Follow in a Fort Lauderdale Sober Home?

Rebellion Dogs BlogAbout – Addiction and recovery site devoted to secular 12 Step (Twelve Step) life, less dogma – more bite. Girl & TonicAbout – This is my space to write – and is my raw, honest journey towards loving myself more, exploring the world stone-cold sober and improving my well being.

While cannabis use can have short-term effects on cognition and memory, especially during intoxication, these effects are typically temporary and reversible once marijuana use ceases. Ingesting Adderall through unintended methods, such as snorting, poses a significant risk of overdose. This prescription stimulant should only be taken orally as directed by a healthcare professional.

Staying Sober Through The Holidays: the Bright Side

Tawny began writing her blog to document her life after she chose to give up alcohol for one full year. She writes about staying sober at weddings, during holidays, and what naked yoga is like. She also talks about how meditation improves her soul and the parallels between bulimia and addiction. Tawny is redefining the definition of #YOLO through her blog and her work.

  • Many seek out additional focus to keep their grade point average up and balance the competing demands of their academic pursuits and their social lives.
  • We are passionate about making sure that everyone who needs help on their path towards sobriety will have it.