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Fluorescent lights work wonderfully for doing paperwork in the office; however, they are “red deficient” and so make assessing colored gems a nightmare. Ask to view the ruby under a variety of lights, such as incandescent and daylight. One difference is that synthetic rubies will generally be flawless as opposed to natural stones which are bound to have microscopic inclusions. These rubies are a great alternative when shopping on a budget. It is important to be aware of imitation rubies when shopping for your ideal piece.

  • For reference, diamonds rate a 10 and are one of the hardest minerals on earth.
  • Fine stones have also been found in Vietnam, along the Thai/Cambodian border, in Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yunnan (China) and most recently, Madagascar.
  • If the ruby is eye-clean or has inclusions in hidden areas, then this will not affect the beauty of the stone.
  • Always view your prospective ruby purchase under proper lighting.
  • The first month’s installment is charged to your credit card.

If the color is too light, the stone may be considered a pink sapphire, and if it is too dark, not enough light will be able to penetrate the stone. The color must be just right, with the most prized rubies having a blood-red primary color and a secondary hue of purple. The purple tends to accentuate the primary color, giving the stone an even deeper red. Rubies are beautiful, the color of fire and are among earth’s most valuable gems. For example, the Sunrise Ruby, a fine, unheated pigeon’s blood red 25.59 carat, smashed all records when it sold for $30.3 million in 2015. However, when selling rubies, you need to do all you can to make sure you are getting what they are truly worth.

An Interview with Ruby Expert Richard Hughes

Additionally, Paragon Gems Inc. features top-grade rubies for $700-1,500 a carat. However, low-grade commercial rubies can be found for $ a carat. When you join the IGS community, you get trusted diamond & gemstone information when you need it.

Buying on the internet can be a little sketchy, especially from private dealers on different social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. There might be some concern about Burmese rubies, also known as pigeon’s blood rubies. There’s a long history of the US banning both rubies and jadeite from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) due to military uprising and overtaking democratic elections. They even have select Jared stores that you can send off jewelry for repair.

Rubies can come in many different shades, such as purple red, brown red, and rose red. Pigeon’s Blood rubies are considered the most valuable and desirable as they exhibit an intense red color and natural red fluorescence. Rubies exhibit a world of incredible color, rich and intense, with luscious red hues displaying light to dark saturation. Rubies are distinctively beautiful, a precious gemstone unlike any other. Rubies are sourced worldwide and treasured for their gorgeous reds, perfect for any statement jewelry design. Rubies are seen as prestigious and extra luxurious, a source of show-stopping glamour with a touch of material success and limitless romance.

How to Buy a Ruby

Buyers should look for stones which are eye-clean, i.e., with no inclusions visible to the unaided eye. In the case of some rubies, extremely fine silk throughout the stone can actually enhance the value. The most popular red gemstone of all time, rubies have been prized and coveted for centuries. Their durability and hardness make them an ideal gemstone for daily wear.

Always be careful from the fraudsters those claim to sell you the real gemstone, just go for the govt certified ones. This is why it’s good to avoid these altogether, unless you’re an experienced collector. Most people looking to buy a ruby engagement ring aren’t gemologists and are better suited to buy from a reputable company.

Top 20 Questions About Ruby Gemstone With Their Answers

Larger stones are more expensive; similarly, clear rubies with little or no inclusions will cost more than those with visible inclusions. A ruby without inclusions can cost you twice as much as another that is much bigger but with some inclusions within. Color and carat or size have the greatest effect on a ruby’s value.

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An unheated Burmese ruby can cost almost $1 million per carat at auctions! They have a stunning appearance with a strong fluorescence and are known for their high quality. If you want only the very best ruby, then a Burmese ruby is for you. If you are in search of a large ruby, you may consider looking at synthetic rubies. These can often be larger in size than naturally occurring rubies and more cost effective. Rubies larger than this are incredibly rare and would therefore be very expensive.

Tip 9: Imitation Rubies

Due to their vibrant color and elegant look, even small rubies can be utilized in a unique way to provide glamor and class to a piece of jewelry. When checking the clarity of a ruby, the most important factor is to look out for visible inclusions. If the ruby is eye-clean or has inclusions in hidden areas, then this will not affect the beauty of the stone. Rubies are available in all sorts of cuts, but the most sought-after stones are the round ones, which are also more expensive.

Ruby, set in a Bulgari ring, at a Christie’s auction in St. Moritz.Less than a year before, on April 12, 2005, an 8.01-ct. Faceted stone sold for $274,656 per carat ($2.2 million) at Christie’s New York. Previously the record for per-carat price was held by Alan Caplan’s Ruby (‘Mogok Ruby’), a 15.97-ct. Faceted stone that sold (also to Graff) at Sotheby’s New York, Oct., 1988 for $3,630,000 ($227,301/ct). The term ruby is reserved for corundums of a red color, with other colors called sapphire.

It is the cheapest variety of ruby used in jewelry and is often used in costume pieces. Rubies are made of the same material as sapphire – corundum. Interestingly, all other corundum colors are called sapphire except red, which has the prestige of having its own name – ruby.

As with emeralds, the most important factor when evaluating a ruby is its color. The deeper, and more intense the color, the more desirable the ruby. The best ruby color is typically thought of as a deep, vivid red. However, rubies can look stunning in other colors, such as pink or brown-red.

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It can be difficult to differentiate between pinkish red rubies and pink sapphires. Leibish and Co. is a high quality fancy color diamond and precious gemstone online jewelry store. They are generally a high priced dealer, with only a few rubies under $5000 for a 1 carat.

FAQ’s about ruby

If you’re wanting a ruby engagement ring locally, you’ll most likely have to consult a local jeweler for a custom ruby ring, or a fine jewelry retailer that does customs. Personally, I’d suggest taking your search online before committing to buying only locally. Our customers’ favorite setting for ruby engagement rings is a halo setting with diamonds that encircle the center stone similar to Kate Middleton’s ring. The brilliance of the diamonds helps to light up and attract attention to the center ruby. Also popular is a simple ruby solitaire with a delicate pave band. Rubies are a perfect choice for a three-stone ring, either in the center or on the sides.

  • These two shapes are the most suited to the shape of the rough.
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  • These Verneuil synthetic rubies were first used as the jewels of mechanical watches but were later set into jewelry.
  • This is especially true if you are paying a lot of money to buy a natural high-quality stone.

Most of our customers prefer engagement rings with rubies in one to two carat sizes. In addition to rings, ruby stud earrings, ruby eternity rings and ruby wedding rings are other great ways to add some drama and passion to everything you wear. Today, the vast majority of rubies are heat-treated to improve their appearance. Many rubies are also heated in the presence of a flux to heal their fractures, particularly those from Möng Hsu, Burma.