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“We consider competitions as a challenge to improve our creativity, a chance to get out of our comfort zone, a moment to experiment and learn about different structural, material, and formal subjects. What’s more, we view competitions as a way to put ourselves in a more flexible design environment than the one we face in our daily jobs.” “We participate in architectural competitions to strengthen our skill set and see how we stack up against other architects across the globe. moreover, observe various architectural trends. Along with adding more exciting projects to our portfolios.” “As a lover of competition, participating in architecture contests seems like a great opportunity to train creativity and detach from everyday routine. A very important factor is also the visibility and the possibility of sharing projects with a much wider community, which especially in my case, as I am just out of university, is very important to start a professional career.” “Architectural competitions are a great opportunity to think outside the box, to let ideas run wild, and sometimes to express innovative ideas. It gives a sense of freedom that I think is essential for a creative career. I think it is excellent that there are more and more such competitions and that students can take part in them.” “Architecture competitions of this nature allow anyone to challenge and provide a fresh approach to existing design dogmas. It is an incredible chance to step away from the conventional means of execution and present a different perspective to a broader audience.”

“Most of the time we are working with so many demands; it can be a wonderfully collaborative experience, but it can pull us away from our original intentions as architects. Competitions are an opportunity to step away from external demands and rediscover what is important to us. Ideally this resonates with others, and we see how others responded to the exact same parameters.” “I have a passion for design and a burning desire to tackle and contribute to real-life problems and global challenges.” “To participate. To exercise our creativity. To explore our creative identity in a space that is free of the constraints that we usually have to contend with.” “Currently, all of our ongoing projects are in Canada and to be specific in the Greater Toronto area; so we are trying to explore new contexts.”

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The bottom line is that complexity in accounting is typically driven by transaction volume. The rate of things like sales invoices and cash receipts reflects the generation of debits and credits that the company’s accounting system must account for. The point in time that a financial action occurs and when the results of this action are recorded in the financial reports is different for cash and accrual systems. If you’re not saddled with student debt, you’ll find it a lot easier to live a comfortable lifestyle.

And the Statement of Cash Flows gives you an autopsy of cash going in and out of your business, also for a specified period of time. The Income Statement displays your revenues, costs, expenses, and profit for a specific period of time. The Chart of Accounts (COA) lists the names and codes of each account and is used as a guide to keep those transactions organized. Accounts are then prepared law firm bookkeeping into financial statements or reports that help tell your firm’s financial story. Use the Bonsai time tracker on the web, mobile apps, macOS app, and Chrome Extension to keep track of time spent working on projects with your collaborators. Set a project’s hourly rate, start tracking time, and bill time to your client with a click, and round the time up to make the billing even smoother.

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“The main reason why I participate in architectural competitions is , that allows me to try and reflect on new fundamental conceptual ideas, as well as to understand and refine my creative process by experimenting with different tools and methods. This is good opportunity to get to know yourself and to look at the surrounding whole.” “We believe that various architecture competitions are an opportunity to explore further a variety of different topics as well as to experience an adventure. It is a great chance to work in different settings with your team and learn new skills from each other.” “We love challenging ourselves, especially when facing original, creative, and out-of-the-box proposals. Taking part in architecture competitions is not only a great chance to improve your skills and show the world your ideas, but it is also a smart move career-wise, as it can be the first step when trying to make a name for yourself in the industry.” “By participating in architecture competitions, we learn the methods and ways of finding architectural ideas. It`s always surprising to find many different solutions for one location.”

“I wanted to push myself to the limits of my design abilities, and have a chance to experiment with some design ideas I have had for a long time.” “We were longing to do a smaller scale project on our own, test our creativity and take advantage of knowledge gained in the past years. Taking part in this competition was a great opportunity for us to explore a new typology, context and approach.” “They are a challenge that lets you work beyond your own abilities and they give an opportunity to design in an often unique environment. They force you to explore different concepts and cultures and simply are an amazing experience in themselves.” “Competitions are about exercising your muscles and trying to beat your peers. There really is no better way to hone your skills than to be shut away in a room with collaborators discussing brazen ideas and acting on them. A completed competition entry will often exemplify the soul of an architectural idea untarnished by the decision committees of the real world.”

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“To enhance our abilities in architectural thinking and the design process, we aim to study the latest trends in architectural visualization.” “Participating in an architecture competition is an opportunity to introduce myself to the world. Additionally, through participation in the contest, I receive an objective evaluation and an indicator that my design is heading in the right direction.” “Architecture competitions play a vital role in expanding our horizons beyond daily work settings. They create a space for creativity and exploration, allowing us to integrate innovation, sustainability, and humanity into our designs.” “To me, every architecture competition is an uncharted journey and a challenge. Competitions help us think from a wider variety of perspectives that we never did before.” “We both have a strong passion for sharing ideas, fostering creativity and collaborating. This led us to seize the great opportunity to work together. For us it is important to keep exploring unconventional thinking, different settings, and new frameworks beyond our usual projects.” The focus of this blog was on payments processing but, as mentioned before, the concepts translate almost perfectly to the other business contexts such as the bank.

  • Accounting Seed’s flexibility accommodates all business sizes and types so you never outgrow your system, while constantly being able to readjust your accounting upon need.
  • “Competitions are usually a great opportunity to develop new ideas, to dream big or small, and to develop yourself as an architect. It has always been important to me to participate. I treat myself with a competition praline once in a while. It makes me happy! It is a different way of thinking, like ”outside the box”. It is not just about to solve the task.”
  • “We both believe that an architecture competition is a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and work on designs that develop our creativity. They force us to respond to problems we might have never come across during our education or professional life as architects. Moreover, it is an opportunity to share ideas internationally and compare your work with other design propositions.”
  • “We are interested in experimenting with different architectural approaches and aestheticism throughout the design process of our projects, and we think we would grow as designers that have wider exposure in this creative field.”
  • “There is always a consistent struggle with decision-making and self-doubt that I continually experience. Participating in architecture competitions excitingly positions you to face that discomfort and come to a resolution.”